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My Pearly Table

December 18, 2017

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Ho ho ho… It’s Christmas time! Love to get in the holiday mood, making it cosy at home, prepare some good food and getting together with family and friends. A beautifully dressed table gives that extra touch to these gatherings. I prefer to choose for a clean and white atmosphere with a touch of holiday vibes, greenery and lots of candle lights. Bru water adds some sparkle to my table. Love how their elegant branding perfectly matches the atmosphere. How does your Christmas table looks like?


September 19, 2017

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BILLIEROSE is the story of Noor and Wolf, brother and sister, sharing a positive mindset and joy of life. In their brand new concept store BILLIEROSE in Gent, they invite you to collect beautiful moment and things. Noor carefully selects the most outstanding and unique brands, going from fashion and jewelry to interior items and ceramics. Each piece fits into the less-is-more-philosophy. Wolf is the host of the BILLIEROSE café. A nice place to hang out for a delicious homemade lemonade, an extensive apero with dips, or a quick coffee ‘and passant’. This all comes together with the the wonderful interior designed by Atelier Dialect, and the elegant graphic design by Studio Posen. Well done guys!

Brabantdam 135
9000 Gent

De Morgen Magazine

November 19, 2016


Thanks a lot to De Morgen Magazine who featured our home in their Interior Special, some weeks ago! For those who didn’t read the article, I give you a glimpse of our ’30s apartment, in the city centre of Antwerp. White walls, soaped wooden floors, and a lot of natural light are the main ingredients of our home / creative studio.



September 14, 2016


When I met Joëlle and Julie for the first time, we immediately felt a connection. We share a common passion for minimal and authentic designs. They are the enthusiastic and creative team behind ‘Cazelle‘, a company specialized in interior, styling and objects. For the realization of their interiors, they choose every piece of furniture and decoration very carefully with there impeccable taste. A selection of this objects will be for sale this weekend at the ‘Kabane private sale’ in Zomergem. Read more about this event on the inspiration page of VTwonen, where I wrote an article about it (only in Dutch):

It was a pleasure to work together with this inspiring ladies, and photograph all these beautiful objects! I’m happy with result, and love the kind of moody atmosphere in these pictures. What do you think? This is only a small selection… there are many more pictures to share soon!


August 27, 2016

Excited news! From next week I will share my passion for interior, design and beautiful objects at the inspiration page of VTwonen! Curious? Follow me here!

Pics & Blocks

December 16, 2015

TSH-4 01 TSH-12 02 TSH-1 TSH-9

Need some Christmas gift inspiration? What do you think about these wooden PICS and BLOCKS from The Style Hunter? They are available with original quotes and illustrations, designed by Pascale Mommens, or you can choose for a personalized option and print your own pictures on these beautiful wooden blocks. They look great hanging at the wall, as decoration in the kids room, or just put them on your desk to pimp your office. Have a look at the webshop, to discover all about it!

This post was created in collaboration with Told You So.

Brass Love

March 9, 2015

IMG_3783brass 01DUDO_04c_240pxbrass 02IMG_8689

In the interior and design trends, brass and copper have stolen the show for a few years now. I am totally happy with that, but for me it is important that a design is more than just a trend. Those adorable objects are all handmade in Japan and the product of a tradition. The diamond shaped paperweight and the chopstick rests are the result of a collaboration between designer Oji Masanori and the 114-year old Japanese foundry Futagami. The massive brass is raw textured. The spoon is been hand shaped by Reiko Fujimoto within a small studio in Osaka. I am totally in love with the hammered texture. This objects celebrate the idea of imperfection with the brass material finding new patina and character as it ages… I enjoy this lovely livingware everyday, and I am sure we will be using them for many years!


Mornings like these

January 6, 2015


Good morning! The start of 2015 wasn’t that good for me. I’ve spent most of the time at home with a serious cold. Hot tea and a good magazine made me feel a lot better. I love the fresh light that enters our room on mornings like these! Have a good day!