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Breakfast at Leon°16

March 9, 2017

Good morning! Do you still remember the pictures and little movies I made last year of the wonderful Bed & Breakfast LEON°16 in Brussels (check it out here)? Well, here is the sequel! If you were not yet convinced by the bright interior and pastel green facade, there is one more reason why you should definitely book a night over here, the absolutely fabulous breakfast! For this stop motion video, our lovely models Janice and Daan were present again. They enjoyed the most delicious dishes, all homemade with love by owner Annelies. Bon Appetit!

Blueberry Panna Cotta

February 12, 2017

Pannacotta-01 Pannacotta-03 Pannacotta-04

Serve up something sweet to your sweetheart, this Valentine’s Day! Need some inspiration for a romantic dessert recipe? Well, we will help you out! This blueberry panna cotta will melt your lover’s heart. Watch our recipe video or find the detailed recipe at the webpage of Bamix Belgium. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Avocado Pesto

January 17, 2017


Here’s a new recipe photo and video shoot for Bamix Belgium, in collaboration with The Other Agency! All you need for this delicious, quick and easy pesto is 1 avocado, 200g fresh spinach, 50g basil, 75g pine nuts, 100ml water, one spoon lemon juice, and a clove of garlic. Put all the ingredients, except te water, together in the Bamix SliceSy, and gently mix it into a smooth mass. Add the water and continue mixing to make the mass creamy. Serve with fresh pasta, add parmesan and pine nuts on top and enjoy! Psst… Do you like this mint green Bamix as much as I do? Check out the new pastel colors available.

JusJus Carrot Ginger Soup

January 13, 2017


Some time ago I introduced you the JusJus Soup Box. Homemade, fresh and vegan, delivered straight to your doorstep, or available at the JusJus shop in Antwerpen Zuid. Besides the creamy broccoli soup (read more about it here), the box contains this tasty carrot soup enriched with ginger and miso. Perfect to combine with the JusJus raw crackers, made from activated seeds and the pulp of their juices.

Negroni Charentais

December 31, 2016


What are your plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight? If you want to surprise your guests with a delicious cocktail, you should try out a Negroni Charentais! All you need is 4cl Pineau des Charentes (red or white), 2cl Aperol or Campari, 4cl gin and orange zest to add extra aroma to the cocktail. I made this recipe movie for Pineau des Charentes, in collaboration with The Other Agency. Enjoy!


JusJus Granola

December 3, 2016

jusjusgranolas-18jusjusgranolas-21jusjusgranolas-22jusjusgranolas-26 jusjusgranolas-1jusjusgranolas-7-1jusjusgranolas-15-3

Get ready for a healthier, happier, sexier breakfast! Grab a bowl, add a cold splash of yogurt and throw over the raw, superfood, nutty granola from JusJus. You have the choice between the nutty and the choco version (my personal favorite!), which contains activated raw almonds, perfectly mixed raw cacao with a lush date paste, lovingly blended with seeds and gojis, and lightly dusted with coconut flakes. Perfect to start your morning, or to supercharge your afternoon!

Matcha Latte

November 14, 2016

matcha-latte-01 matcha-latte-03-2matcha-latte-04 matcha-latte-05 matcha-latte-06-2matcha-latte-07 matcha-latte-08-2matcha-latte-09 matcha-latte-10 matcha-latte-11-2matcha-latte-12 matcha-latte-13

This trendy latte drink, based on matcha tea, is fascinating me for a while. The intense green matcha powder, used in Japanese tea ceremonies, is renowned for numerous health benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants, nutrients and chlorophyll. By adding hot milk, you will make the strong and intense matcha taste much more subtler, and meanwhile you get your daily dose of calcium.


  • put 1 tsp matcha powder in a wide bowl
  • add hot water (not boiling, 80° is perfect)
  • use a bamboo whisk to stir it into a green foamy paste
  • pour it in a glass together with hot milk
  • add milk foam for the perfect topping


Deze hippe latte drank, op basis van matcha thee, fascineert me al een tijdje. Het intense groene matcha poeder, dat wordt gebruikt in de Japanse theeceremonies, is gekend omwille van zijn vele gezonde eigenschappen. Het is rijk aan antioxidanten, nutriënten en chlorofyl. Het toevoegen van warme melk, maakt de sterke en intense smaak van de matcha veel subtieler, en zorgt meteen ook voor je dagelijkse dosis calcium.


  • doe een theelepel matcha poeder in kom
  • voeg heet water toe (niet kokend, 80° is perfect)
  • roer het geheel met een bamboo-garde tot een groene schuimende vloeistof 
  • giet het in een glas, samen met warme melk
  • voeg melkschuim toe voor de perfecte topping

Geniet ervan!

Wat is jouw favoriete melkmoment? Meer inspirerende recepten met melk vind je hier:

JusJus Broccoli Soup

November 9, 2016


Cold and rainy autumn days like these, ask for a warm bowl of soup! Why not try the JusJus Soupbox? These homemade vegan soups are all conscientiously sourced, unlike conventional products from the supermarket shelf. Every soup is slow-cooked, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, unpasteurized and is loaded with whole ingredients that fight against heart diseases and detoxifying fiber that aids in digestion and elimination. This Broccoli & Cashew Cream Soup contains Broccoli, Onion, Parsley, Garlic, Lemon, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast and Cashew. Enjoy!

JusJus Milks

October 15, 2016

jusjusmilks-2jusjusmilks-3 jusjusmilks-11 jusjusmilks-12jusjusmilks-6jusjusmilks-7jusjusmilks-5

You will probably know Jus Jus from its delicious cold pressed juices and cleanses, but they have a lot more to offer! I can tell you it was a pleasure to photograph (and taste!) all the healthy and yummy stuff. Let’s start with their milks. The Jus Jus Nut Milks are a delicious, healthful and totally natural way of getting your milk fix without the dairy. Jus Jus provides a mostly local, all-natural, hand-crafted product that can be used in anything from your morning coffee and cereal to a delicious nightcap! The Nut Milks are also a perfect protein-packed, post-workout drink or an afternoon snack when you’re famished at your desk!

Appelaere Juices

October 1, 2016


The best way to start the day, is a glass of fresh-pressed juice. But sometimes, I juist don’t find the time to add it to my morning rituals. Then I’m happy to find a bottle of Appelaere in my fridge. This dutch brand is producing natural juices from 100% fruit. Healthy and tasty, without any additives. Besides apple juice, you can choose for pear juice (Perelaere) and orange juice (Sinaasappelaere).